JNL Fusion Reviews

You made the right choice looking for JNL Fusion Reviews before buying the program.  There are so many fitness programs out there that it is hard to know what is worth the money, and what is a waste of money.  So, let’s check out some JNL Fusion Reviews.

buy jnl fusion hereThat video was posted by Jennifer Nicole Lee herself, the trainer behind the program.  She was once an overweight couch potato, but through hard work and determination she made the incredible transformation that you see in the picture on the left.  That is her before and after.  Everything that she did to have that transformation is what she put into this program.  That is why I do not think that you are going to find a negative JNL Fusin Review out there.  Here are some more testimonies from everyday people that are seeing extraordinary results with JNL Fusion.

This first review is from Sharaz, and was taken from VideoFitness forums.  “I love JNL. The workouts are fun fun fun and you can go at your own pace. I love all the moves and Jennifer I find to be sweet, tough and funny.”

“After doing the JNL Fusion program, I got phenomenal results. I lost 25 pounds and went from 18% body fat to 9% body fat, and I did it all in 90 days.” – Juan – compliments of the JNL Website

“After using the JNL Fusion set for just over two weeks, I’ve lost about two inches overall and stayed the same weight, which indicates that I’m dropping body fat and retaining or developing muscle.” Leanne – review from Amazon.com

JNL Fusion Reviews

What About My JNL Fusion Review?

I love testing new fitness programs.  They are definitely NOT all created equal, and I enjoy seeing which ones are worth checking out, and which ones are a waste of time.  So, what did I find with JNL Fusion?

PROS of JNL Fusion

  • The workouts are energy packed
  • The blend of cardio and strength training is ideal for losing weight while toning
  • While most of the workouts are only around 30 minutes, you will burn a ton of calories and work up a great sweat
  • The workouts are challenging enough for pretty much anyone, yet they can be modified for beginners, which means everyone can benefit from them
  • If you like the program, you can actual recommend it to friends, family and more to earn generous commissions.  Learn more by reading “How To Join Body FX”.

Cons of JNL Fusion

  • The biggest thing that jumped out at my was the lack of warm-up and cool down.  I have come across this problem in pretty much every fitness program that I have ever reviewed.  The truth is, people don’t buy a workout program looking for that, they want to heart of the workout.  Unfortunately, most people do not take the time to warm up and cool down on their own, which leads to muscle pulls, soreness, and in many cases, they stop the program.  To help with this, I have created several warm up and cool down videos that work great with JNL Fusion.  If you ORDER JNL FUSION HERE, they are yours.  Simply CONTACT ME and let me know you put in an order.  Once I confirm it, I will email you the videos.

JNL Fusion Reviews


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