Body FX Direct

If you have been hearing about the Body FX Direct Pre Launch, You probably want all of the facts!  What is Body FX Direct?  Is it a scam?  Is it a pyramid?  Will I make money with them?  Let’s take a look at the FACTS!  If at any point on this page you decide that this is something for you, visit my Body FX Direct Signup Page

OK, let’s get started!

What is up with the Body FX Pre Launch?

Body FX Direct is the next big player in the fitness industry.  They are using the network marketing business model to promote a variety of fitness products.  Why use this model?  Because it is the most effective business model out there!  Add in the fact that their first big workout program, JNL FUSION, is from world famous Jennifer Nicole Lee, and this company is going to take off quick!  As of right now, you are not able to actually market products.  The company is not officially launching until April (early April is the goal).  Right now you can sign up as a coach for NOTHING!  There is no sign up fee to pay at all.  This is HUGE, and here is why.  You have the ability right now to have a large business team built before the company even launches.  I personally signed up 8 new coaches the same day that I signed up with Body FX Direct.  How?  Well, I’ll tell you if you end up on my team.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t make much sense, since I’d be helping the competition.  Anyways, you have the opportunity to be at the very beginning of something huge!  Sign Up HERE!

Is Body FX A Scam?

A lot of people ask this question about, well, every single company out there that uses the network marketing model.  The truth is that is it were a scam or a pyramid, they would be shut down, along with the thousands upon thousands of other companies out there that use the same business model.  They are letting you sign up without even needing to pay anything.  How exactly are they scamming you?  Body FX Direct is a legitimate company that is going to take the fitness industry by storm!

Can You Make Money With Body FX Direct?

Like any company out there, you need to now what you are doing in order to make money.  If you are going to bug your family and friends to buy the programs and join your business, you are in for a struggle.  I have been involved with network marketing for years, and I have been successful with it.  That is because I know how to attract people interested in what I am marketing.  Join My Body FX Business Here during the pre launch and I will teach you how I build a business, and how you can too.

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